Why we are different

Investing online is fast becoming the most popular way to trade at all worldwide. Investors and funds of all kinds are shifting their trading online, and this has led to the growth of countless online investors and investing websites on the web. However, the fact is that many of these websites are unreliable. One of the most trusted and successful of these websites is the sectormetatrade. The sectormetatrade utilized many different tools to provide a comprehensive investing experience online and that separate us from your average online investing website.

Useful Status

Your typical financing and investing website toss out a massive amount of data but give you no help in sifting through it and finding what�s useful for you. We take a different approach, focusing as much on the methods and tools used to discern data as the data itself. We use interactive and easily understandable charts and graphs as much as common, and we keep you informed on the status of your investments in terms of certain metrics of your choice so you can determine how successful, or unsuccessful, the firm currently is.

Streamlined Process

sectormetatrade focuses on a much more streamlined and expedient process, by which you can simply import all your information and data on trading, finances, and quotes, and can access it all in one easily accessible place. Furthermore we provide you with real time quotes and information, as well as news and analysis on your investments, so you re always on the cutting edge and provided with the best knowledge. All fees paid to your brokerage are comprehensively tracked and recorded so that you never pay extra and are not overcharged. Furthermore we record your performance and earnings (or losses) and size them up with market averages to help you verify that you re getting the results you seek. We throw in our intricate portfolio analytics free of charge.

Real-time Updates

To provide you with real time updates and status reports, we focus on trends in data to keep you informed. We also have a cutting edge search function which allows you to mine data and find the perfect metrics and information to make the right choice. sectormetatrade is here to offer you not just a place to manage your portfolio, but your sole destination for all the information, business models, market share reports, risk analysis, potential, and more, to help you make the right choice with stock every time.

Easy to learn

So many online investing forms just throw you into the fray without help, but we start you out with digestible concepts and ideas, market trends, individual analysis, and things that the novice investor can take advantage of. You can read up and learn about things like ecommerce, trends in energy prices, the subprime lending crisis, and much more we ve formulated a method by which you can browse not just by company and industry, but by concepts and themes that allow you to penetrate deeper into the markets and into your investments than any other website.

Exceptional Customer Service

Aside from all the tools at your disposal, we also work tirelessly to provide you with most helpful and accessible customer service, an easy to use and navigable website, and process of trade execution that is precise and simple. Our team of experts have the experience, expertise, and skill to provide you with any trading advice or assistance you need, and our technical and customer service staff all bring a level of passion and diligence that separates sectormetatrade from all the other investing websites out there.